09 Apr 2021

ITU and EPİAŞ Collaboration in Energy Field

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Energy Markets Management Inc. (EPİAŞ) signed a comprehensive cooperation protocol for education, research, and consultancy.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

With the protocol signed by ITU Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu and Energy Markets Management Inc. General Manager Ahmet Türkoğlu, Energy Markets Research Center (EPAM), which will contribute to the training and specialization of the staff of EPİAŞ and carry out research and development activities on subjects needed by the sector, will be the base of technological and scientific cooperation.

Energy Markets Research Center Will Be the Base of Studies

Istanbul Technical University Energy Institute Director Prof. Dr. İlhan Karaaslan and Director of Strategy Development Avni Çebi on behalf of Energy Markets Management Inc. will be supervising the management of the protocol’s goals and objectives.

Commenting on the protocol, ITU Energy Institute Director Prof. Dr. İlhan Karaaslan said, “The energy sector is indispensible for humanity as transmission, distribution, storage, and consumption are needed by all humans in the rapidly developing world and it closely concerns humanity in all its aspects. As there are many current problems that need to be solved academically in these areas, we also need to identify future problems and work towards their solutions. Similar research centers are established and financed in developed countries by the major companies in the energy sector within the universities of those countries, and theses and projects are carried out and trainings are given in these centers for the problems of today and tomorrow. With the support of our Energy Institute primarily, and the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Science and Letters, and the Faculty of Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering, we will also carry out studies for the solution of today's and tomorrow's problems in these fields.”

Topics of cooperation within the scope of the protocol contain

Establishment of the Energy Markets Research Center, which will work on topics within the scope of Energy Markets, produce solutions to existing problems in the markets, develop products and provide services, train qualified personnel, increase efficiency of the existing personnel, create technologies of the future and increase stability in the energy markets, in accordance with the legislation of the University,

Collaborating on joint scientific (including consultancy, projects, and research), educational (Energy MBA, Energy Micro-MBA, Energy Certificate, and other Certificate programs) and managerial studies under the consultancy of Istanbul Technical University; exchange of ideas for thesis studies to be conducted on various subjects covering the field of Energy in the ongoing graduate programs at the Energy Institute,

Cooperating on research and applications regarding the purpose, product and activity subjects of EPİAŞ specified in the Wholesale Energy Markets and EPİAŞ Articles of Association defined in the Balancing and Settlement Regulation; making research on developing, updating and improving EPİAŞ’s current spot products GÖP and GİP, new futures products VEP and VGP, environmental market product YEK-G and contributing to the processes of developing new products related to the market,

With Energy Markets Management Inc. being the beneficiary institution, preparing and presenting projects in which the personnel deemed appropriate by the beneficiary institution will take part in line with the needs of Energy Markets Management Inc. by benefiting from national and international funds,

Organizing joint scientific activities (publication, reporting, workshop, symposium, congress and conference etc.). 

Cooperation in developing products, applications and providing services for national and international energy markets.

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